My Stomach Hurts - Why Does My Tummy Hurt After Eating Food?

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Does you get pain or ever wonder "why my stomach hurts all the time?" If so then today I'll explain the most common causes for chronic digestive pain and what you can start doing immediately to get relief. Most importantly I'll explain the root cause of this common condition.

3 Ways to get relief from Digestive Pain

Chew all your Food 40 Times: That's right, one of the #1 reasons that people frequently experience stomach discomfort is that they eat too fast and don't chew your food. Did you know that the majority of carbohydrate digestion takes place in the mouth? If you aren't chewing those grains, sugars and all other carbs you eat on a daily basis then you aren't digesting them. So get to it and starting chewing every mouthful 40 times.

Stop Drinking Liquids with Food! Most people are brainwashed into this idea that it's totally fine to drink water, juice, beer what have you with their meals. The truth is that when you drink anything while eating you severely dilute your stomach acid, food goes through you un-digested and you set yourself up for mal-absorption, fatigue due to an overworked digestive system and general digestive discomfort. Do yourself a favour and only sip a cups worth of liquid over the course of a 2 hour meal you won't believe the difference!

Eliminate Candida Yeast from the Digestive Tract: Ok so maybe you have never heard of this, but candida albicans is easily one of the top 3 causes of chronic digestive problems if not #1. This yeast grows in over 90% of the population to varying degrees. Those who eat a poor diet or are on a lot of medications or use anti-biotics will have an issue with you. It disrupts enzyme production, friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, pulls the plug on stomach acid production which encourages acid reflux amongst many other things. The solution is a thorough bowel cleanse that targets candida yeast and kills them. However that's only the first step you also need a diet that starves out the yeast while also healing the body. Lastly you need to heal up your liver, destroy parasites and eliminate harmful metals from the body. Simple no, effective oh yeah!

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My Stomach Hurts - Why Does My Tummy Hurt After Eating Food?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03